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Abba Gabra Manfas Qiddus (or Kedus)


Abba Gabra Manfas Qiddus is another frequently depicted local saint, one of the most venerated in Ethiopia. He was apparently an Egyptian by origin, a hermit who was miraculously transported to Ethiopia, where he became the founder of a monastery at Zuqwala, a high mountain (2,870 m) with a crater lake on top, near Addis Ababa on the Oebra Zeit road. He dwelt there for forty years. He wandered in the deserts, and preached peace to the beasts, and so is generally shown covered in hair (or dressed in animal skins) with wild animals lying or standing around him. He once succoured a bird by allowing it to drink the water from his eye, and this incident too is frequently shown in paintings.

(S. M-H p 58)

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