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Tekla Haymanot

From The Book of the Saints (TBOTSAINTS) page 1245-46)


And then he departed to the land of GERARYA, and he made a cell among the rocks and he went out neither by day nor by night. And his disciples were in number seventeen, and many came to him, both men and women, and they became monks and widows, and they lived in one house; but no man had knowledge of any woman, because Satan was fettered by

prayer. And then he built in his cell a kind of wall to lean

against, and he fixed therein sharp points, behind him, on his right hand, and on his left, so that they could pierce his body. And having stood in the cell too long, the thigh bone of one of his legs broke, and then he stood up on one foot for seven years.

And our Lord Jesus Christ came unto him, with our Lady MARY, and with the prophets and apostles, and the righteous, and the martyrs, and MICHAEL and GABRIEL, and He said unto him, " O My beloved, thou dost resemble Me in My suffering, and I will make thee My equal in My ingdom. And behold, thy weakness in this world is ended, and it hath been accepted by Me.

Come, that henceforth thou mayest inherit everlasting life";

and then He gave him the promise concerning those who

(page 1245)

should call upon his name, and celebrate his ommemoration.

And then the saint became slightly sick of the plague, and he

died at a good old age, his days being ninety-nine years (fol.

I49b 2] and eight months. And they wrapped him in cloths

with reverence and praise, and buried him in his rock. Saluta-



(TH is said to be the founder of the monestry DEBRE LIBANOS situated north of Addis Ababa)